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Re: lists.debian.ch mail issue


Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> For the last almost 2 weeks, mailman on the lists.debian.ch/debian.ch 
> mailserver didn't run.  I have yet to investigate why.

That sounds familiar.

Check if the recent mailman security update really has been applied.
The first two times me and a coworker didn't noticed that it failed
because after the "A package install failed. Trying to clean up." no
more error was seen, because after the first error, dpkg already did a
rollback. Nevertheless, mailman was no more running after that.

Reason in our case were shunt and "bad" files in
/var/lib/mailman/qfiles/. Check if there are files in your case, too.

See http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=614218 for

> To my knowledge, no mail was lost, it just was pushed into mailman's
> queue directory.

In our case there were files in there before.

> Sorry about that, I guess I'll have to put some monitoring tools in place...

Checking for the existence of exactly one qrunner process did the job
in our case. (Because after the first failed upgrade, none was running
anymore and after some more tries and the finally working upgrade, two
(one of them days old and not stoppable with /etc/init.d/mailman stop)
were running. (Which caused some additional clean up work...)

		Regards, Axel
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