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Reminder: BSP in Bern next week-end


This is just a quick remember to all those that would like to help the
Squeeze release. There is a bug squashing part next week-end in
Bern[1]. If you plan to attend, please sign up on the wiki page NOW!

If you have the impression that most remaining RC bugs are to hard to
fix for you, I have some suggestions on how to help the release in
other ways:
- Go through the list of RC bugs and suggest less important packages
  for removal from testing.
- Try to upgrade one of your machines to squeeze and report any
  problems to the upgrade-reports pseudo package.
- Do an installation test and report any problems to the
  installation-reports pseudo package.
- Go through the list of upgrade-reports and installation reports and
  assign any bugs to the relevant packages. Close successfull reports.
- Try to reproduce RC bugs. Reproducing is the first step to fixing a

As a small incentive to all participants I have several XKCD t-shirts
and posters and an XKCD book to give a away as prices!

Looking forward to see you in Bern!


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/BSP2010/Bern
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