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Call for AGM 2011

Hi there!

After Daniel's resignation, it is clear that we should held a new AGM
ASAP, at this moment of the year I guess the first possible period
being late January 2011.  Please express your preference on the Doodle
pool I just created:


Some notes:

1) all members of the board should be present there, which means that
   the choice of dates could be even more restricted than the one

2) I have no idea where we can have this AGM, also because I do not
   know how many people will be there.  One option could be the same
   location used for the BSP in Bern last week, the main advantages
   being space and central location (while most of the debian.ch
   members are from the German part of Switzerland, we should find a
   good location for everyone):


3) before proposing any item to be discussed I would like to know if
   it could be possible to have the minutiae for the last AGM (the one
   we had on IRC on 20100520).  Adrian, what do you think?

   Obviously, if that AGM will not become official, then we need to
   re-discuss old items together with new ones.  FYI, there is a
   public document about the next AGM on the debian.ch Git repository:


   Anyway, if someone wants to add something, I will then add them to
   the document above.

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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