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Debian Merchandise BoF?

Hi there or, better, here :-)

As usual, debian.ch brought some merchandise (T-Shirts, umbrellas and
foilstickers) to DebConf10:


Since together with Debian-UK it seems that debian.ch is the other major
entity who produce Debian merchandise, during the first night in NYC I
thought that maybe a merchandise BoF could be a good thing, also to let
people attending conferences/meetings/whatever how to get merchandise.

Moreover, since debian.ch will also produce quite soon a Debian (not
debian.ch) Swiss army knife (Victorinox, not Wenger), it would be a good
idea to discuss about which type of knife people would prefer:


I set the R-T to debconf-discuss@ (the Evolution custom header insertion
seems not to work), thus please check if you need to reply to other

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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