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Debian Umbrella


Ok, shameless plug ... :-)

The Debian umbrella is here - meet me in Basel or Zürich or order 4 or more 
by mail.  Information on my blog, of course!

René: I *may* be coming to the Turrican days (not sure yet, is there a 
deadline?)  I can bring some, or if I'm not coming, I probably can deal 
with Martin Krafft or somebody else that they'll take some.  (I'm not sure 
if sucha message is welcome on the lugbe mailing list, pass it on  if it 
is, please.)

(And remember: any profit I make goes to the Debian project, on in my 

-- vbi

The speakers should have the mobile number of the moderator to send an
SM in case of delay or death.
        -- W. Borgert, debian-events-eu, 2005-06-26

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