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Re: Lawyer in .ch who knows what the GPL is


> Can anybody recommend a lawyer who can give professional advice about the 
> GPL and other FOSS licenses and Swiss IP rights?  $BOSS doesn't want to pay 
> the hours a "normal" IP lawyer would spend trying to uderstand open source 
> before he can reasonably give advice :-)

The GULL invited Michel Jaccard[¹], a lawyer based in Geneva, to give a
talk[²] a few months ago. He did seem to have quite some experience with
open-source licenses.

I wouldn't have thought someone would be able to give a talk about license
and IP issues in a room full of technical people without being boring. He
literally captivated the attention during 2 hours non-stop, with only a
dozen slides !


 [¹] http://www.bccc.ch/en/Team/profile/7-Michel+Jaccard
 [²] http://www.linux-gull.ch/rsrc/GULLServeurWWW/GestionActiviteDocumentCoursLLJuridique20090505/JaccardProjetsLibresGull.pdf

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