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Debian at OpenExpo, 24. - 25.3.2010 in Bern


As discussed at the debian.ch general assambly in December last year I
applied for a booth at OpenExpo[1] in Bern. The booth was approved some
weeks ago and as it's now about 1 month to the conference we should
organize the event a bit more in detail.

We need at least 2 persons manning the booth for both days (=4
person*days). Additionaly someone needs to organize the merchandise and
other stuff for the booth. For more information on how the conference
organizer expect us to present the project see [2].

If we provide a poster as a PDF document ready for print until the 17.3. the
organizer offers to print this on A0 for us (at no cost). Is someone up
to design a poster or is there already a poster design for Debian we
could reuse?

Everybody who want's to help and especially ppl who are able to help
staffing the booth should reply to this mail until next Wedensday 24.2.

I'm away over the week-end, so don't expect any replies until Monday
from me. If anyone want's to setup wiki pages on wiki.d.o and announce
the event on the relevant project pages, please do so. If nobody does it
I'll take care of this on Monday.

Thanks for your help!


[1] http://www.openexpo.ch/openexpo-2010-bern/
[2] http://www.openexpo.ch/openexpo-2010-bern/anmeldung-projekt/

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