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Re: Call for Participation OpenExpo 2009 Winterthur / 23./24. September 2009

Will there be a Debian Boot at OpenExpo? If so, I volunteer for one day to be 
at the boot.

Beste Grüße, Thomas

> Hi,
> Adrian von Bidder schrieb am Sat, Jun 06, 2009 at 12:42:49PM +0200:
> > As in other years, OpenExpo is on workdays (Wed/Thu; it is paired
> > with the business software stuff at "TopSoft")
> Yeah, as every year...
> > so I can't promise to be there, so I would be very happy if somebody
> > could take the lead.
> And as every year I refuse to support an event which doesn't (or only
> pretends to) care about open source projects with volunteers as
> exhibitors.
> But I've given up to discuss this with the organizers issue. Did that
> for years. They are deaf on that ear. They care about the business
> customers and the business fair they tied themself to.
> I will think about organising our booth if they move towards at least
> a Fri/Sat scheme and I would like to organise our booth if they move
> to a whole weekend (and I'm available on that weekend).
> > You've probably heard about it, but Free / Open Source Software has
> > hit the mainstream media in Switzerland in quite a big way (because
> > of 42 million CHF license agreement with MS that was smuggled past
> > the 'usual' democratic checks), so I hope for a bigger crowd than at
> > earlier OpenExpos
> I do not expect much more non-business visitors since non-business
> visitors also heavily depend on weekends. Nobody will take an extra
> holiday just because there's an exhibition on workdays about those
> guys who cried out loud about the CHF 42 million deal with MS.
> 		Regards, Axel
Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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