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Participation to the Linuxdays ?


As last year, the "Linuxdays" are organised in Geneva⁰. Will we handle a booth 
in the "Associations Village".

As you can see on the plan¹, the "Village" has moved and reduced in size and by 
the way, its targets have pretty much changed to 

	"The target are CIOs, CFOs, project managers and other decidors. Access to the
	conferences *will not be free* in order to guarantee audience's quality.
	Sponsors and partners will be able to invite their clients."²

At SwissLinux.org, we are currently discussing the opportunity to handle our 
booth³ at the Linuxdays and we aren't decided yet, mainly because we are 
planning to handle a booth in cooperation with the GULL⁴ for the "Festival du 
développement durable"⁵ in Geneva, which will take place at the same dates.

So, does anyone have an interest in handling a booth at Linuxdays ?

Best regards, 


⁰ http://2009.linuxdays.ch/
¹ http://2009.linuxdays.ch/plan
² http://2009.linuxdays.ch/content/what-are-linuxdays
³ http://forum.swisslinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=2266http://www.linux-gull.ch/
⁵ http://etat.geneve.ch/dt/developpement-durable/edition_2009-218-2211-10167.html
Didier Raboud, proud Debian user.
CH-1802 Corseaux

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