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Re: debian.ch web page: Small fr/it translation update wanted


On Saturday 31 May 2008 00.00:30 Marc Fournier wrote:
> I'm willing to do a bit of french translation if
> needed.

Thanks - translation added, and your address (and Luca's, too - thanks to 
you, too) added to the svn configuration.

> Ok with that. Is the svn repository available somewhere ? This way one
> could submit some sort of directly usable patches to the commiter.

It's pure static html at the moment, so providing patches shouldn't be a 
question of svn access atm :-)

-- vbi

Oh, so you mean that we can both get a more secure system, *and* make
emacs stop working?  A win-win situation! =)
        -- David Weinehall on lkml

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