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Mailing list move: "Debian UniZH" is no more

Hi all!

The "Debian UniZH" list run by madduck had nothing to do with UniZH for 
quite some time.  So I've now taken over the list as the new 
community@lists.debian.ch list, the new name describing its purpose better.

It's been quite low-volume, so I'm trusting it to a somewhat less than ideal 
set up here (because I've not found a mailing list manager I really like, 
and because mailman doesn't do virtual hosting properly so I couldn't use 
it for @lists.debian.ch) and just hope everything will work out.  If you 
feel you're being spammed through the list, tell me.  If you run into 
overly aggressive antispam measures, tell me (cmot@debian.org is where to 
reach me since avbidder@fortytwo.ch has pretty much the same spam controls 
as the list.)

List archives are at http://lists.debian.org/

I guess that's it for now.

-- vbi

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