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Re: Adding support for SECCOMP_FILTER

On 7/21/20 1:59 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> Hello!
> I recently discovered that the kernel supports seccomp on Linux as support
> was added in 2.6.27 [1].
> I consequently added SH support to libseccomp [2], only to discover that we
> are missing the SECCOMP_FILTER feature. Looking at the changes for PA-RISC [3]
> and RISC-V [4], the necessary changes in the kernel seem to be rather modest.
> Would anyone be willing to help me to implement SECCOMP_FILTER for SH? From what
> I can see, we just need to implement the part to add syscall filtering.

I dunno how much help I'd be (never having used seccomp), but I can try to
reproduce what you do on a second setup? :)


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