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Re: [buildd] giveback hypre 2.16.0 on hurd m68k sh4

On 2019-07-26 16:59, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
Hello Drew!

On 7/26/19 3:03 AM, Drew Parsons wrote:
hypre occasionally times out during tests, causing FTBFS. Typically it will pass if tried again. Please give back hypre 2.16.0-2 to attempt builds again
on hurd-i386  m68k sh4.

Your package overrides "dh_auto_test" but does not check whether
contains "nocheck" so that it's no longer possible to toggle the testsuite when
running sbuild through environment variables [1].

Could you put an if condition around your testsuite invocation like LibreOffice,
for example? [2]

The background is that both m68k and sh4 are building packages using qemu, so running the testsuite can have various side effects and fail unexpectedly.

Furthermore, not being able to disable the testsuite means it's not possible to cross-build a package which always mandates the testsuite to be disabled
as the testsuite cannot run on the build architecture.

Thanks for the feedback, Adrian. I'll put in the check for nocheck, hopefully m68k and sh4 will then build happily with the next upload.


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