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Re: Bug#931641: perl: FTBFS under qemu-user


On 7/8/19 6:18 PM, Niko Tyni wrote:
> This can be reproduced under for instance qemu-armhf with
>   mkdir b && cd b && ../Configure -des -Dmksymlinks
> resulting in lots of 'Permission denied' errors when extracting cflags.SH
> because the script mistakes the shell absolute path for its argument and
> tries to write in the same directory where the shell resides.
> An even simpler reproducer is
>   touch config.sh && sh < cflags.SH
> This is not specific to Perl 5.30, our packaging just started to use
> -Dmksymlinks there and triggered the issue.
> I'm not sure yet where this should be fixed. I'd like to avoid reverting
> the -Dmksymlinks part introduced in 5.30.0-2 as I think enabling parallel
> builds was an improvement. But we'll see.

I will open a bug report upstream with qemu.


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