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Re: Please build wcstools

Hi Ole!

On 11/24/18 2:27 PM, Ole Streicher wrote:
> for some reason, the "wcstools" package seems to be appeared on the
> not-for-us list for sh4. The build logs however don't show a relevant
> build failure, and since it is one of the basic astronomy libs, it keeps
> some other packages from building there.

Most likely there was an issue with the package failing to build from source
repeatedly or even crashing the buildds. There were some issues back then
when I took over the sh4 port in Debian and I blacklisted the "wcstools"

wanna-build, the package build database, doesn't unfortunately provide a
mechanism to add a note for the reason when blacklisting a package. It does
allow that when marking a package as "Failed" though.

> Would it be possible to build the package on the sh4 architecture? And
> what was the reason that the build was blocked?

Yes, I'll verify that the package builds fine and then remove the "not-for-us"


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