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Re: Moving forward with gdb sh native support?

On 2018-03-21 21:36, Rich Felker wrote:
I've recently gotten a chance to get back into gdb support for the sh
architecture, and have a series of related patches I'm going to be
submitting upstream soon. The ones that aren't specific to
SH2/J2/nommu stuff are adding support for software single-step (the
hardware single-step assumed in the current linux-sh-low does not seem
to be supported, as least not by Linux, on the vast majority of real
and emulated hardware) and some minor bugfix prerequisites for that.
Currently my changes here only cover gdbserver since there's no
upstream sh-native support in gdb.

In conjunction with this I began looking again at the old sh native
patches, which Adrian Glaubitz has been maintaining for the Debian
side here:


Having just looked at the gdbserver-side code for linux-sh, it looks
like there's a nontrivial amount of code duplication, and like there
will be even more if I copy my branch decoding (sh_get_next_pcs) code
for single-step over.

Is this how it's supposed to be, or is there a recommended way to
refactor it to share code between gdb and gdbserver? If so, does it
make sense to go forward with the existing patches for sh native and
then tweak to share some things, or would it make more sense to redo
the native support along with a heavier refactoring?

Hi Rich,

Historically there has been a lot of duplication (and there still is) between GDB and GDBserver, but now we try to share as much as possible. This helps reducing the gap in behavior when debugging natively vs remotely, and helps for maintenance (fixing a bug in common code should fix it for both). the gdb/arch directory contains architecture-specific files meant to be shared. The code should be so that there is not "#ifdef GDBSERVER". Code that should be shared between GDB and GDBserver but is not arch-specific goes in gdb/common.

IMO, it would make more sense to submit patches as you intend the code to be in the end, rather than submitting the non-shared version and fixing it after.


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