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Re: [Debian-ports-devel] Corrupted APT meta-deta for sh4

On 03/26/2016 10:07 PM, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> | Maintainer: Debian SH4 buildd <buildd-sh4-amagi@superh.org>
> | Uploader: Debian buildd autosigning key for vs94 <buildd_sh4-vs94@buildd.debian-ports.org>
> | Accepted: openexr_2.2.0-10_sh4.changes
> Note also that something is wrong with this build daemon. The signing
> key doesn't match the maintainer. Please use the signing key only at one
> place and make sure it never leaves the build daemon.

I will generate new keys the next days to make sure this is fixed.

>> I'm not sure what happened with sh4 this time, but do you think you
>> could apply the same fix you applied for m68k by forcing the
>> regeneration of the archive meta-data?
> That should be regenerated in the next mini-dinstall.

Thank you very much!


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