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Re: Debian SH4: sumotsu and sh4.g15.jp porterboxen

On Sun, 2015-12-20 at 09:58 +0100, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

> This is something that only Nobuhiro Iwamatsu can answer since he is
> the main person behind Debian's sh4 port or he used to be. Because
> unfortunately, Nobuhiro has stopped answering any emails for some
> reason I still don't understand. I don't even know whether he still
> does any active Debian work. So, maybe you guys at DSA could figure
> that out.

Hmm, he has recent emails and other contributions:


Bounced him the mails in this thread so far.

> I am doing all the work and administration for sh4 port now and
> I am working to improve the buildd situation as several of the
> sh4 buildds in Japan which Nobuhiro took care of are down and
> he hasn't restarted them ever I since, it seems. I can't access
> them anymore.

Hmm, hopefully he will see this mail and bring them back.

> There is one which is running in Germany now which I am hosting
> myself. It's tirpitz.physik.fu-berlin.de. However, this one is
> not part of Debian and I generally only providing access upon
> request.

The buildd pages indicate that tirpitz is a buildd, if it isn't,
please add it to debian.net and I'll add an LDAP entry for it,
please provide the same details that we have for sumotsu.


I noticed #debian-sh4 is empty and sh4.debian.net doesn't respond.

Also, I assume you are in contact with the SuperH revival group,
the Open Processor Foundation? IIRC they planned new SH4 cores.


I would strongly suggest using the debian-superh list for usertagging,
you can get the existing usertags using this command to move them.

rsync rsync://bugs-mirror.debian.org/bts-spool-index/user/*/*superh* superh-usertags/

Please update the SH4 wiki page to be more current, in particular the
IRC channel, OPF, in-archive cross-compilers, tirpitz porterbox, bugs
and probably keeping only the list and IRC in the Contact.




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