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Re: amagi and kongou buildds down


On 08/31/2015 11:16 AM, Nobuhiro Iwamatsu wrote:
> Thanks for your mail.

Thanks for your quick reply!

> Both the buildds amagi and kongou are down and can currently not be
> reached. Can you please have a look what's wrong and restart the
> machines if necessary?
>> Yes, I know about this.
>> Administrator of the space in which these boards are placed is absent
>> this week. Therefore, I can not respond immediately. I am asked to get
>> already reset the board at the end of this week.
>> Please wait.

Alright, no worries then. I will set the two build jobs to "give-back".

Once the buildds are up, you can add a new sources.list entry in the
build chroots so they use incoming from buildd.debian.org, see:


This reduces the wait time for new packages sources by 6 hours. I
will check for this change on amagi and kongou anyway once they
are back online.

Btw, any news regarding the other buildds like ise, nagato or hyuga?
Would be nice to have them back online as well.


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