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Updated base tarballs for sh4 and m68k


I have created updated base tarballs using debootstrap yesterday. I
created them on hosts running the same architecture as the tarballs.

The m68k base tarball was created with:

debootstrap --no-check-gpg --include=apt,nano,aptitude,vim unstable
unstable-m68k-20150315 ftp://ftp.debian-ports.org/debian

And the one for sh4 with:

debootstrap --no-check-gpg --include=apt,nano,aptitude,vim unstable
unstable-sh4-20150315 ftp://ftp.debian-ports.org/debian

They can be found here on my Debian webspace [1].

To use them, you just need to unpack the tarballs onto a partition which
is supposed to be your root filesystem, then boot the system passing the
proper value for "root", e.g. "root=/dev/sda1".


> [1] https://people.debian.org/~glaubitz/chroots/

 .''`.  John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
: :' :  Debian Developer - glaubitz@debian.org
`. `'   Freie Universitaet Berlin - glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de
  `-    GPG: 62FF 8A75 84E0 2956 9546  0006 7426 3B37 F5B5 F913

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