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Re: Please drop not-for-us for the package stockfish

On 07.09.2011 15:40, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
Dixi quod…

Oliver Korff dixit:

I believe, that stockfish will build fine after solving the old build

The following excerpts from the build log show that it will
not be all fine:

Indeed, the build failed, full log attached.

I tried to get onto the porterbox crest, but was not able to connect.

The reason, why the build failed, was the profiling. If I disable this and use a generic build target, I have to verify that the binary works.

Is there any other way to try it before any upload?

(Also, benchmarking when the machine is not idle does not
make any sense…)

Thats true, but without the benchmark, nobody would have seen, that the profiling broke the binary...


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