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Re: sh4 architecture into Wheezy

On 11-03-30 03:48 PM, Matthias Klose wrote:
On 30.03.2011 21:17, Bill Traynor wrote:
On 11-03-30 02:36 PM, Matthias Klose wrote:
On 30.03.2011 07:05, Nobuhiro Iwamatsu wrote:
- ArchiveQualification of sh4

How do you think about including sh4 in the next release?
"Toolchain was supported by CodeSourcery"

so it's not supported anymore? If this is correct, then this is a no-go for the
port.  Besides this, who will care about the toolchain for this port within
Debian?   I'm not keen on having another mips like maintained architecture.
I've cleaned up the wiki a bit.  The GNU toolchain supports SH4.  However,
CodeSourcery produces a version of the GNU toolchain as well.  This toolchain is
obtained separately by the user should they desire to use it.
this is not an option for Debian.

I don't mean that the CodeSourcery toolchain should be included in Debian. I'm merely stating that the user can install whatever toolchain post distribution install. I'll just remove the CodeSourcery reference altogether.

Changes in the
CodeSourcery toolchain do eventually get pushed upstream to the FSF GNU toolchain.
yes, CS does this, but there may be a delay, and in some cases you may only see
these changes submitted when the FSF GCC is in stage1.

Assuming that GCC 4.6 and binutils 2.22 are targeted for wheezy, who will care
about sh4 specific issues in the toolchain for wheezy?

I'm not sure, but will find out.


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