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Re: SH4 porterbox

On 7/20/10 4:36 PM, Hector Oron wrote:

2010/7/13, Nobuhiro Iwamatsu<iwamatsu@debian.org>:
I prepared two porterbox of sh4.
Thank you very much Nobuhiro! Those are great news!

Do you think is there cheap commercial hardware based around SH4?
Which could make more people be interested on such a great port?
Hi Hector, I've just been thinking about this very question while writing a FAQ for http://oss.renesas.com and the simple answer is; not really. However (and note that this statement is NOT official Renesas policy), Renesas will support contributors with donations of development hardware who have contributed to or show the potential to make significant contributions to OSS supporting the SH architecture.

My advice would be to contribute in whatever way you can to whatever area of OSS interests you for SH. This could be the kernel, QEMU, Directfb, drivers, DebianSH, GNU toolchain, etc. etc. I know it can be difficult to do so without real hardware though. Nothing will go unnoticed, as the SH community is pretty small.

Of course, if you already have a significant contribution base out there, you can always ask on the linuxsh-dev list for a hardware donation and see what happens.

FWIW, I think all of this advice applies to most architectures.

Best regards,

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