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Re: buildroot fail in BUILDROOT_COPYTO

On 10-06-23 10:15 AM, Jordan5103 wrote:

I am using buildroot-2010.05 release to build up MS7724 platform support.
The target rootfs is build correctly. I want to copy it to /tftpboot/rootfs
for target board download. Then I set "BUILDROOT_COPYTO=/tftpboot/rootfs".
Suppose it should copy rootfs from "<buildroot root folder>/output/target"
to "/tftpboot/rootfs". However, there is nothing there. I have ownership of
/tftpboot/rootfs as my running user account.

Also I try to setting BR_COPYTO in the menuconfig too, again, there is
nothing appear in my target rootfs folder.

Can anybody show me what's wrong for my setting?
Did you define a BUILDROOT_COPYTO environment variable in your shell?


export BUILDROOT_COPYTO=/tftpboot/rootfs
Best Regards

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