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Architecture usertags


I've often thought that it would be useful to have tags in the BTS so
that users or maintainers could mark a bug as specific to a particular
architecture. This way, when I have some spare time, I could go to the
BTS, fetch a list of bugs that are specific to an architecture I care
about, and see what I can do about them, or give some feedback if that
would help.

Using a set of usertags under my own email address on the BTS wouldn't
really work for that, since it kindof defeats the whole purpose; I want
to use these tags to find bugs that I care about in the first place, but
in order for me to be able to add a usertag, I would have to know about
the bug before I could find it. Kind of a chicken-and-egg problem.

So I suggested to Don Armstrong that he add a set of
architecture-specific regular tags; but he seemed averse to this, as the
current informal policy of the debbugs maintainers is to require that a
usertag is used for a particular purpose before they add a new regular
tag; this is so that no tags get created which won't be used. I guess
this is a worty goal.

After a short discussion on IRC, we came up with another option: a set
of publically documented usertags, the definition of which would be
announced on debian-devel-announce and linked to from the BTS homepage,
so that maintainers could apply them to architecture-specific bugs when
necessary. The format, suggested by Steve Langasek, was to use the
porters mailinglist as the user, and the architecture name as the
usertag (e.g., 'debian-m68k@lists.debian.org' as user, and 'm68k' as

Before I'll fire off an email to d-d-a announcing that, does anyone have
any comments, objections, or suggestions to improve this proposal?


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