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Re: Port status.


On Thu, 22 Mar 2007 12:19:47 +0300
"Wartan Hachaturow" <wartan.hachaturow@gmail.com> wrote:

> A quick question: what is the current status of the port? Are there
> any up-to-date toolchains or (maybe ;) even buildd's? debian26 effort
> seem to be stale.

I m porting Debian for SH4 .

Now status is
 1. gcc-4.1.1/glibc-2.5/2.17cvs20070426 ready
 2. building base package now
 3. I plan to start up buildd in the course of the month. 

I try to use math-emu of kernel as a support of SH3. 
And I m going to have SH BOF in Debconf7.
Nobuhiro Iwamatsu
	E-Mail : hemamu@t-base.ne.jp
	GPG ID : 3170EBE9 

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