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Glibc 2.3 pre-releases

Fellow porters,

Your Glibc maintainer team is trying to get glibc 2.3 ready for
general consumption, and we need some help for arch's that we're not
familiar with.  So far we have the following covered:

i386: Jeff Bailey, GOTO Masanori
hurd-i386: Jeff Bailey
ppc: Jack Howawth
arm: Philip Blundell
ia64: Randolph Chung
s390: Gerhard Tonn
hppa: Carlos O'Donell

If you can fill in one of the blanks, please email us at
debian-glibc@lists.debian.org.  If you want to help some of the folks
working on these ports (for instance, I just haven't had time to track
down the bugs on hurd-i386 and i386), please let us know.  So far
powerpc and s390 are the only two ready to go.

Jeff Bailey

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