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Re: Bug#155002: SuperH supports


In the article <[🔎] 200208020059.g720xcs28211@mule.m17n.org>,
NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe@m17n.org> wrote:

> In 3.0.4, we have no Fortran because of nasty reload bugs of SuperH,
> we have no Java because of lack of runtime support.  Those two are
> already have been worked done nicely for 3.1.
> Forthcoming 3.2 has ABI change for C++, it would become big step for
> us.  Although our test coverage status is good for 3.1 (it seems no
> regression against 3.0.4 for C) (and we have new things Java and
> Fortran) , but C++ ABI change is major change.

Then it would be nice if we could have gcc-3.1(3.2?) debs for SuperH.
Is it possible to mix up objects of gcc-3.0 and g77-3.1 or gcj-3.1?

Niibe, could you make patches agaist gcc sources in current gcc-3.1
package (1:3.1.1ds2-0pre3)?  You can leave other trivial deb packaging
tasks to me.

YAEGASHI Takeshi <t@keshi.org> <takeshi@yaegashi.jp> <yaegashi@dodes.org>

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