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Re: Bug#154179: Please create binary-sh[34] and remove binary-sh

Resend to debian-superh list only...

>>>>> In <[🔎] 877kjl54qk.wl@arwen.ta.keshi.org> 
>>>>>	YAEGASHI Takeshi <t@keshi.org> wrote:
>> Package: ftp.debian.org
>> Severity: wishlist

>> Please consider creating deb repository in ftp.debian.org for some of
>> SuperH architectures: sh3, sh4, sh3eb, sh4eb.  And please remove
>> binary-sh which had been obsolete long before.
>> dpkg has already had supports for all these variants since 1.10, but I
>> don't think all of them need to be distributed by the Debian project.

 Most of all packages in binary-sh ware built by me. And these packages
are already removed from official tree, I know.

 Dpkg was already changed to handle binary-sh3/-sh4/-sh3eb/-sh4eb
(after dpkg 1.10) and dropped handling binary-sh.

 So, binary-sh tree is unnecessary.

>> Platforms with sh3eb or sh4eb are not so popular as ones with sh3 or
>> sh4.  The binary distribution for the latter both are heavily in demand,
>> especially in the embedded scene.  So I suggest creating binary-sh3 and
>> binary-sh4 for now.

 Binary incompatibility between SH3 and SH4 was disccused on debian-sh
list, we need both binary-sh3 and binary-sh4, I understand.

On this thread:


 I wish to merge binary-sh3 and binary-sh4 support to next Debian
official release.

>> I'm not yet an official Debian developer (NM process in progress), but
>> my buildd processes for sh3 and sh4 have successfully built 837 and 3365
>> debs respectively so far.  Please visit http://debian.dodes.org/.
>> Most of them are ready to be uploaded to ftp.debian.org and become
>> official Debian packages.  Is it possbile to ask someone to sponsor the
>> uploading?

 Of cause, I'll do this ;-)
 And I'm restarting binary-sh3/-sh4 build on my own machine.

 <ishikawa@netvillage.co.jp>, <ishikawa@linux.or.jp>, <ishikawa@debian.org>

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