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Re: Debian for SuperH bootstrapping


At Sun, 30 Dec 2001 20:58:05 +0100,
Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously YAEGASHI Takeshi wrote:
> > Here is the updated patch including NIIBE's.  It is against the CVS
> > dpkg (v1_9 branch).
> Please make a patch for the HEAD branch instead. 

Ok.  But I found some flaws trying the HEAD branch before, and which
made me use the release one.  I'll ask here about it later.

> > It seems there are chages to adapt to the cross package building
> > environment with dpkg-cross - it might need some explaination for this
> > patch to be adopted.
> Definitely. I would rather get rid of that bit of code and use
> dpkg-architecture only.

I agree, but I suppose that the code is used from somewhere hard to
modify - I hope NIIBE could explanation.

> > BTW, which Debian mailing list is appropriate for the discussion on
> > cross package building with dpkg-cross?
> It has no specific list, but debian-dpkg should suffice.

Ok.  We have patches also for dpkg-cross to add sh* support and some
enhancement.  I'll submit them after dpkg matter is settled.

YAEGASHI Takeshi <t@keshi.org> <takeshi@yaegashi.jp> <yaegashi@dodes.org>

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