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Re: Debian for SuperH bootstrapping

Oliver M . Bolzer wrote:
> So, how would the members of the debian-suoerh list order
> sh3, sh4, sh3eb, sh4eb according to importance and number of potential users?
> Then we can debate how many and which subarchitectures we compile and
> distribute.

And the sh port lacks proper maintenance at the moment, it seems.  Out of
17 binary packages that I maintain, 7 seem to be outdated on superh, these
are small packages without gcc problems on ia64/hppa, which would be more
crucial.  Hence, before considering more Debian architectures for SuperH
I'd ask for more manpower to push the current port. :)

Also, there is no /ports/superh/ on www.debian.org.  That's also something
I'd ask for, proper documentation of the port...  I'm willing to add things
if people send me plain text which can be put there.  I don't know enough
about this port to write up something on my own, though.



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