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RE: Distinguish of SH3 and SH4

It may be a problem at the kernel level, I think.
Debian's arch is a mirror of the kernel's arch.

BTW, who is the debian developer responsible for
the sh architecture?  We can always bring the 
question to the -devel mailing list for advice.


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> Subject: Distinguish of SH3 and SH4
> Well, it seems that there's not much interests on distinction.
> IMNSHO, if Debian continues having "sh" binaries, it misleads, bothers
> the industry, because there's no consept of "sh" binaries.
> Could Debian change to use the binary of "sh3" instead of bogus "sh"
> binaries?  I don't care if Debian will have "sh4", "sh3eb" or "sh4eb"
> binaries.  Having "sh" binaries *is* problematic.
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