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Distinguish of SH3 and SH4

Is there any progress in Debian world about distinction of SH3 and SH4?

I repeat my opinion.  SH3 and SH4 are different processors.

GNU Toolchain works differently between those two.  If Debian chooses
sharing SH3 and SH4 binaries (using SH3 toolchain for SH4), it means
that it doesn't get progress/feedback from SH4 usage of other world.
Say, people will implement improvement for sh4-elf, but it's not
applicable to sh4 debian, as it actually uses sh3 toolchain.

Besides, there're RPM based distribution for SuperH GNU/Linux at
MontaVista and sh-linux.org.  They distingush SH3 and SH4 and provide
different set of binaries.  I think that it's now some sort of
industrial standard to distingush SH3 and SH4.

Is there any reason (except the size of storage required) for Debian?

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