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Re: Bootstrapping Debian GNU/Linux distribution on SuperH

M. R. Brown wrote:
 > Question: Isn't it possible to build an entire chain based off the SH3E
 > processor?

The kernel doesn't support SH3E and I don't have plan to support it.
(This is because of limited resource, please see below.)

 > gcc makes the distinction for the SH3E processor, so I would
 > assume that it deserves it's own target, unless the SH3E only differs from
 > the SH3 in that it includes a FPU.

Yes.  I've thought like that too.  IIRC, it's SH7718, i.e., SH3 +
single precision FPU.  However, it is historic CPU, not widely
available.  I think there's no SH3E environment available in the
market anymore.

I've talked Hitachi people last year about this.  They say they don't
have any plan supporting Linux on SH3E target.

The human resource is (quite) limited, while there're bunch of CPU(s)
in SuperH series.  We need to concentrate somewhat.  So, we agreed not
supporting SH3E.  Note that I don't have any contract between Hitachi.

Besides, my concern was, there's no SH3E environment (except
simulator) to support Linux.

SH7729 (SH3 + DSP) is another thing.  I don't know about that well.

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