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Bootstrapping Debian GNU/Linux distribution on SuperH

NIIBE Yutaka wrote:
 > I'd like to share my experience with those who work for Debian.

OK, I have done all the steps again, to confirm it really works.  One
changes are needed.

 > Step 1.1:
 > Build and install initail gcc for sh-linux.  As we don't have working
 > glibc at this point, we only could build gcc with static libgcc.

Here, I need to prepare kernel header.

 > Step 1.2:
 > Build and install glibc.

			*	*	*

To share this cross build experience, I'd like to publish all the work
(currently Step 0 to Step 3.4).  Once I've tried to publish all the
working directories to build, but it needs about 10GB of disk space,
which is too large to share.  So, I omit working directories, then
it's about 650MB, including sources and the result.

I'll put this to my ftp area, say, on this night, 

The size is really good for CD-R, I'll burn CD-R and bring it
tomorrow to give it to Ishikawa and others.

I hope that this helps Debain GNU/Linux for SuperH.

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