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Re: SuperH libc ?

>>>>> In <20010811144345.A549@cyberhqz.com> 
>>>>>	Ryan Murray <rmurray@debian.org> wrote:

>> Hi, I was just wondering when an arch-sh libc will make it into the archive?
>> All sh packages are currently uninstallable without it...

 Sorry, I understand it. But some important packages are not uploaded
yet because of....

  We does not have toolchains.deb package (gcc_sh.deb and
  binutils_sh.deb). Current released toolchains does not have
  SuperH support enough. We should back port from current gcc CVS
  to gcc 3.0 branch or should make gcc-current-cvs_sh.deb.

  Currenty we use toolchains tar ball (this is made by SuperH hacker
  TAKESHI Yaegashi <t@keshi.org>).


  binutils_010501-1_sh3.tar.gz, gcc_3.1.010501-3_sh3.tar.gz,

  Not sh.deb package was made.

  To build glibc2 package for binary-sh need some (bad?) tric TAKESHI
  said (I don't know detail). So we should make patch for it, But is
  not made it. glibc2_sh.deb is unofficialy exists (and we use it)


  XFree86 4.1.0 does not support GNU/Linux SuperH. But current XFree86
  CVS head includes SuperH support (I've posted the patch and it was
  merged few days ago). We should back port this to current
  xfree86_4.1.0 package. I plan to do this among several weeks after

 And Of cause many many packages missing, Not enough human resource..:
  Almost all uploaded binary-sh packages ware compiled me alone.
  (on two Dreamcast and one Jornada690). And I don't have enough
  time for binary-sh. Those who can do work about binary-sh port,
  please contact me.

 <ishikawa@linux.or.jp>, <ishikawa@debian.org>, <ishikawa@redhat.com>

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