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[SUA 94-1] Upcoming Debian 8 Update (8.4)

Debian Stable Updates Announcement SUA 94-1       https://www.debian.org/
debian-release@lists.debian.org                           Adam D. Barratt
March 28th, 2016

Upcoming Debian 8 Update (8.4)

An update to Debian 8 is scheduled for Saturday, April 2nd, 2016. As of
now it will include the following bug fixes. They can be found in
"jessie-proposed-updates", which is carried by all official mirrors.

Please note that packages published through security.debian.org are not
listed, but will be included if possible. Some of the updates below are
also already available through "jessie-updates".

Testing and feedback would be appreciated. Bugs should be filed in the
Debian Bug Tracking System, but please make the Release Team aware of
them by copying "debian-release@lists.debian.org" on your mails.

The point release will also include a rebuild of debian-installer.

Miscellaneous Bugfixes

This stable update adds a few important corrections to the following

    Package                       Reason

    amavisd-new                   Set LC_ALL before running daemon
    amd64-microcode               Update AMD microcode patch firmware for AMD Family 15h Processors to fix bugs in prior microcode patch
    apt                           apt-pkg/algorithms.cc: Avoid stack buffer overflow in KillList
    aptdaemon                     Security fix [CVE-2015-1323]
    ardour                        Repack to remove libs/pdb/dmalloc.cc
    base-files                    Update for the point release
    c-icap-modules                Rebuild against libclamav7
    cairo                         Security fix [CVE-2016-3190]
    cinnamon-settings-daemon      Fix a minor security bug (missing polkit check)
    clamav                        New upstream version; avoid unaligned memory access
    conkeror                      Fix matching of module load error messages to work with Firefox 36
    dansguardian                  Rebuild against libclamav7
    dolibarr                      Multiple security fixes [CVE-2015-3935 CVE-2015-8685 CVE-2016-1912]
    espeakup                      Make looking up available languages independent from file hierarchy; use portuguese for galician; synth.c: Fix looking up voices by language name
    exactimage                    Security fix [CVE-2015-8366]
    fglrx-driver                  libfglrx-amdxvba1: Add Breaks+Replaces: xvba-va-driver (<< 0.8.0-9+deb) since we now ship fglrx_drv_video.so and xvba_drv_video.so
    flash-kernel                  Use /dev/mtdN when flashing, rather than needlessly going through the mtdblock layer (which is problematic on some platforms/kernels); use nandwrite when writing to nand flash
    fonts-sil-andika              Really remove 65-andika.conf
    giflib                        Bail out if Width > SWidth [CVE-2015-7555]
    glib2.0                       Rebuild against updated pcre3 to pull in security updates
    glibc                         Improve granpt when /dev/pts is not mounted with the correct options; don't build pt_chown [CVE-2013-2207]
    gnome-shell-extension-weather New upstream snapshot, compatible with the new API of openweathermap.org
    gnupg                         Correctly handle unknown subkey types
    gtk+2.0                       Avoid integer overflow when allocating a large block of memory [CVE-2013-7447]
    gummi                         Update fix for predictable temporary filenames [CVE-2015-7758] to use upstream's fix
    havp                          Rebuild against libclamav7
    imagemagick                   Security fixes
    initramfs-tools               Add missing drivers and various bugfixes
    installation-guide            Add QNAP TS-109, TS-209, TS-409 and TS-409U as supported models again
    libclamunrar                  Rebuild for libclamav7
    libdatetime-timezone-perl     Update included timezone data to tzdata 2016c
    libsndfile                    Fix denial of service through division by zero [CVE-2014-9756] and heap overflow in AIFF parser [CVE-2015-7805]
    libvirt                       Don't allow allow '/' in filesystem volume [CVE-2015-5313]; libvirt-daemon: Expect qemu-bridge-helper in /usr/lib/qemu
    linux                         Update to new upstream release 3.16.7-ckt25; add dm-service-time to multipath-modules; add support for MIPS 5KE CPU
    mongrel2                      Comment out failing test caused by an expired certificate
    mozilla-devscripts            Update dh_xul-ext's substvar generation for the upcoming transitions in stable from iceweasel to firefox-esr, and from icedove to thunderbird
    nettle                        Multiple security fixes [CVE-2015-8803 CVE-2015-8804 CVE-2015-8805]
    nss-pam-ldapd                 Fix issues with daemonising nslcd and avoid a race condition in signal handling during start-up; fix password policy expiration warnings; ensure proper return code of init script
    osmo                          Fix corrupt data backup on i386
    pagekite                      Add missing build dependency on python-openssl to fix test failure
    pam                           Rebuild to fix multi-arch co-installability
    pcre3                         Fix workspace overflow for (*ACCEPT) with deeply nested parentheses [CVE-2016-3191]; fix heap buffer overflow in handling of duplicate named groups [CVE-2016-1283]; fix an issue with nested table jumps [CVE-2014-9769]
    pgplot5                       Fix build failure by using multiarch path to zconf.h
    php-dompdf                    Fix information disclosure vulnerability [CVE-2014-5011], denial of service [CVE-2014-5012] and remote code execution [CVE-2014-5013]
    php-mail-mime                 Add missing dependency on php-pear
    php-net-ldap2                 Fix fatal error with newer PEAR versions
    php5                          New upstream stable release; revert PEAR version to last working version from PHP 5.6.14
    postgresql-9.1                New upstream release
    postgresql-common             pg_upgradecluster: Set default dynamic_shared_memory_type = mmap; this primarily avoids problems with upgrading existing clusters in a LXC container
    python-clamav                 Rebuild against libclamav7
    python-rsa                    Fix possible signature forgery using Bleichenbacher'06 attack [CVE-2016-1494]
    rdesktop                      Fix sigsegv while using credssp and kerberos without specifying domainname as argument
    rsnapshot                     Fix regression on --rsh with args
    ruby-defaults                 ruby: make the conflict on ruby-activesupport-2.3 versioned on (<< 2:4) to allow the transitional package to be installed
    ruby-standalone               Install `rubyX.Y` as a link to `ruby` so that binaries installed by bundler work
    ruby-tzinfo                   Load iso3166.tab and zone.tab as UTF-8
    s3ql                          Support upgrades from file systems created with the S3QL version in Debian Wheezy
    sane-backends                 Rewrite debian/saned@.service to prevent errors with network scanning; prevent start via fallback script /etc/init.d/saned
    sitesummary                   Fix hanging postinst script, dangling symlink in apache config after removal
    stress                        Don't install info/dir.gz
    subversion                    Fix segfault when using kwallet to store authentication information
    suckless-tools                slock: make cover window resize correctly when new screens are added or the resolution is changed while the lock is active
    sus                           Update checksum of upstream tarball
    systemd                       Make sure all swap units are ordered before the swap target. This avoids swap devices being stopped prematurely during shutdown; only skip the filesystem check for /usr if the /run/initramfs/fsck-usr flag file exists, avoiding issues when using dracut; fix --network-interface in systemd-nspawn to not fail when modifying an existing link; don't call addgroup with --quiet; debian/udev.prerm: Add missing "deconfigure" action
    torbrowser-launcher           Disable certificate pinning, to avoid issues with upcoming certificate change; prevent signature verification attack by passing both data file as well as sig file into gpg [CVE-2016-3180]
    tzdata                        New upstream release
    unbound                       Update hints for H.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
    user-mode-linux               Rebuild against Linux kernel 3.16.7-ckt20-1+deb8u3
    vsftpd                        Fix config option "deny_file" not always being handled correctly [CVE-2015-1419]; set the default value of tunable_listen to the same value of listen from the man page vsftpd.conf
    whatmaps                      Respect jessie apache package rename
    xvba-video                    xvba-va-driver as a separate package has been obsoleted by fglrx-driver 1:15.9, turn it into an empty metapackage

A complete list of all accepted and rejected packages together with
rationale is on the preparation page for this revision:


Removed packages

The following packages will be removed due to circumstances beyond our

    Package                    Reason

    gnome-gmail         Broken
    nautlius-pastebin   Unmaintained

If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to get in touch with
the Debian Release Team at "debian-release@lists.debian.org".

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