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Bug#908195: openssh-server: agent forwarding broken in incoming ssh connections

Hallo Giacomo Mulas,

07.09.18 11:09 Giacomo Mulas:
> Package: openssh-server
> Version: 1:7.8p1-1
> Severity: normal
> Dear Maintainer,
> with the recent updates of openssh, agent forwarding is broken in incoming
> connections.  It still works properly in outgoing connections, which I
> tested by logging in on several computers running e.g.  debian stable or
> other distros or even another os altogether.  However, when I try to connect
> from other machines to my computer, or even upon using locah ssh to
> localhost, no credentials are forwarded.
> E.g., on the session from which I use ssh:
> gmulas@spitzer:~$ ssh-add -l
> 2048 SHA256:1EiqSAb6gUEpa27SrPhpx2lbj0I2yjz6TWO6HgUuFO4
> /homes/spitzer/gmulas/.ssh/id_rsa (RSA) 1024
> SHA256:bcMLBbvPfsCMMYUkXJYLljsNsBhpkC3N//38mnObjIw
> /homes/spitzer/gmulas/.ssh/id_dsa (DSA) 256
> SHA256:GdCSZj0SYfo3XgnGAEfaFVJSjqzGuHAq01oYpG5HNEA
> /homes/spitzer/gmulas/.ssh/id_ecdsa (ECDSA)
> then I successfully login to my laptop using one of those keys, with
> ssh -A capitanata
> but if I then ask which credentials are available I get:
> gmulas@capitanata:~$ ssh-add -l
> The agent has no identities.

So the connection to some ssh-agent is working. Please check which process 
owns the socket pointed to by $SSH_AUTH_SOCK. If it is not sshd you have 
another problem; perhaps something like libpam-ssh is starting a new ssh-agent 
for your ssh session?


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