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Bug#832574: upgrading openssh-server kills ssh session on systemd machines

Control: close 832574

On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 04:03:54PM +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
> upgrading kills the ssh session on systemd machines.

Yes, sorry.  I have no way to fix this properly because it happens in
"prerm upgrade", before the new version gets to do anything.  I
documented it in the changelog, though, and it only affects upgrades
from one version that was in unstable for less than a day:

openssh (1:7.2p2-7) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Don't stop the ssh-session-cleanup service on upgrade (closes: #832155).
    This may cause SSH sessions to be killed on upgrade to *this* version if
    you had previously installed 1:7.2p2-6.  Sorry!  If your session is
    killed, you can recover using "dpkg --unpack" on this openssh-server
    .deb, followed by "dpkg --configure -a".
  * Recommend libpam-systemd from openssh-server.  It's a much better
    solution than the above for systemd users, but I'm wary of depending on
    it in case I cause an assortment of exciting dependency problems on
    upgrade for non-systemd users.

 -- Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org>  Sat, 23 Jul 2016 11:46:33 +0100

Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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