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Bug#801173: ssh-agents kill each other

Package: openssh-client
Version: 1:6.6p1-4~bpo70+1

I start 2 vnc sessions at boot time using cron, e.g.

	% crontab -l
	@reboot ssh-agent vncserver :42
	@reboot sleep 3; ssh-agent vncserver :43

UID != 0

Problem: The first ssh-agent gets killed. Suspect is the
second agent. The first vnc session has no connection to
an ssh-agent. Besides that, both are fine. SSH_AGENT_PID
and SSH_AUTH_SOCK are defined in both sessions, but of
course they do not match.

If I login on the console, then libpam-ssh gives me yet
another new ssh-agent, and the 2nd vncserver agent is
pushing up the daisies, too.

The man page doesn't say "only one ssh-agent per user".
>From my understanding they should not interfere with each
other. Esp. SSH_AUTH_SOCK is based on the agent's PID to
make sure that several agents can run in parallel.

Further the agents should not die while their children
are still running.


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