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Bug#417136: openssh-server: nothing logged for failed pubkey auth for valid users at default loglevel

Package: openssh-server
Version: 1:5.1p1-6

sshd now appears to log absolutely nothing at all when pubkey
authentication fails for a valid user.

only when LogLevel is increased from the default INFO to VERBOSE level
does sshd log the failure, e.g.:

    Jun 18 01:36:51 xxxxxxx sshd[9811]: Connection from [ip] port 38189
    Jun 18 01:36:52 xxxxxxx sshd[9811]: Failed publickey for [valid username] from [ip] port 38189 ssh2

this seems rather important after DSA 1576.  i would think that the
"Failed publickey for [valid username]" message would at least be logged
at default LogLevel.

Robert Edmonds

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