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Debian Bug#495917 - Netscreen / Extreme login bug

Hi, Colin

We are debugging an identical issue to the "channel 0: open failed: resource shortage: Channel open failed" bug that was opened last August.

According to bug 495917, the glitch was identified and a patch prepared that identified NetScreen or Extreme XOS devices in protocol negotiation, and rectified session window size for these devices.

I am using OpenSSH on ubuntu (1:5.1p1-3ubuntu1) and see the same error connecting to an Extreme x450 switch running XOS 11.3. The bug was identified in August 2008 and the package built in October 2008. Has this fix not been rolled into the openssh-client package in stable yet, or have I trapped a condition which is not catered for ?

Kind regards,

Regards, Andy Davidson,
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