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Bug#471437: option to prevent going via master control socket

retitle 471437 ssh(1): document how to disable connection sharing
tags 471437 patch

Thanks, Colin. Maybe this patch could keep other people from
overlooking this bit?

diff -u openssh-4.7p1/ssh.1 openssh-4.7p1/ssh.1
--- openssh-4.7p1/ssh.1
+++ openssh-4.7p1/ssh.1
@@ -559,7 +559,9 @@
 option is enabled (see
 .Xr sshd_config 5 ) .
 .It Fl S Ar ctl_path
-Specifies the location of a control socket for connection sharing.
+Specifies the location of a control socket for connection sharing,
+or disables connection sharing if the argument is
+.Ar none .
 Refer to the description of
 .Cm ControlPath

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