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Hi, I am currently trying to package an NX[0] client[1], however, NX uses a
slightly patched version of the OpenSSH client[2].

It may be possible to get the NX client to use standard OpenSSH, in
which case this is probably the best solution, however, if not would you
consider building nxssh along with the rest of the OpenSSH package?
Duplicating the code in a separate package would be suboptimal and will
probably be rejected by ftp-master/security team.

I have created the diff against 4.7p1[3], but it includes some extra
fuzz as I think they used an older version. The source[2] that nomachine
provide has old/new files which makes it easy to see what they have
changed. I have also created a diff of those[4].

Thanks for your help,

0. http://www.nomachine.com/
1. http://blog.gwright.org.uk/articles/2006/08/23/qtnx-ready-for-public-consumption
3. http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/nxssh_vs_4.7p1.diff
4. http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/nxssh.diff

Matthew Johnson

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