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Bug#117318: Thank You for the many people who offered to write my book on the Rabin Murder Cover Up

Hello Friends,  

If one knows the history of the State of Israel the last 11 years, there is a tendency to think that people are just plain bad. 
Surpringly 9 people actually offered to help me write the book:

The Rabin Murder
Uncovering the Coverup

As is very common, people will make the first contact, but to actually have the second contact made and the final deal signed takes a bit more effort. 

To make the work easy I have actually put online the first 47,000 words of the rough draft

and went into a bit more detail on how I got the Miriam Oren Video

Hopefully, this will make it easier for someone to come forward to make a deal on writing the book.

Thanks so much for everyone's kindness,

David Rutstein

With Blessings from Jerusalem, 

David Rutstein

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