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Bug#264717: marked as done (changelog has numbers and dates going backwards, can't figure it out)

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Package: ssh-krb5
Version: 3.6.1p2-5
Severity: normal

I have been going through the DSA's, looking for security holes that
were fixed by the security team but are not yet fixed in testing. I got
back to DSA-383, which covers CAN-2003-0693, CAN-2003-0695, and
CAN-2003-0682. I tried looking for these in the changelog to see if they
were fixed, and I found two.. but the changelog is so broken that I
cannot tell in exactly what version of ssh-krb5 they were fixed, or even
what date they were fixed.

This is because the changelog seems to consist of a top part, which is
the changes you made in ssh-krb5 itself. And then below that you copy in
the changelog for the last version of openssh you based the package on.

So if I want to know at version of ssh-krb5 fixes CAN-2003-0693, I can
look and see it was fixed in openssh 1:3.6.1p2-6.0, on 16 Sep 2003. The
corresponding openssh-krb5 changelog entry seems to be 3.6.1p2-3 on 2
Nov 2003, although it doesn't mention changes inherited from openssh at
all. This is more guesswork than I like to employ when it comes to
verifying that we've not missed security fixes.

Worse, the way the changelog is laid out means that a program parsing
the version numbers will see them increase a page down in the changelog
where openssh's changelog begins. Possibly this is legal since the
package name also changes there, but surely such a program could become
sorely confused when the dates also jump around:

 -- Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org>  Fri, 14 May 2004 01:30:07 -0400
 -- Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org>  Wed, 19 Nov 2003 14:27:34 -0500
 -- Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org>  Sun,  2 Nov 2003 18:58:26 -0500
 -- Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org>  Sun,  1 Jun 2003 00:51:09 -0400
 -- Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org>  Sat, 17 May 2003 18:38:58 -0400
 -- Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org>  Fri, 19 Sep 2003 10:25:25 +0100

In short, this changelog is ugly, confusing, and an accident waiting to

(And I'd appreciate confirmation about whether the openssh fixes for
CAN-2003-0693 and CAN-2003-0682 are included in ssh-krb5, and at which
versions, and whether CAN-2003-0695 is fixed at all (not mentioned in
the changelog) and at which version).

see shy jo

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The ssh-krb5 package is now a transitional package that installs
openssh-client and openssh-server.  The regular OpenSSH packages now
include GSSAPI support, so a separate package isn't necessary.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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