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Bug#402903: I think this is a problem in apt actually

serverity 402903 serious

merge 402903 403119


This problem is probably not solveable in ssh as this has to
do with package dependencies.

Two problems can exist:
* apt do not handle the replaces field correctly (or have some other problem)
* ssh should conflict and replace all versions of ssh, not just
  a specific version.

See the the policy manual for more information.

What I think is the problem is the following:
1) ssh package is to be upgraded to version x+1
2) ssh depends on openssh-server and openssh-client
3) openssh-server is unpacked
4) openssh-server replaces ssh version x but x+1 is already in the
   process to be installed so it ignores that for now.
5) Problem

My suggestion is to try to update the dependency to the following:
(Note! Replace %CURRENTVERSION% with the current version in changelog)

Package: openssh-client
Conflicts: ssh (<< 1:3.8.1p1-9), sftp, rsh-client (<<0.16.1-1), ssh-krb5 (<< 1:4.3p2-7)
Replaces: ssh (<= %CURRENTVERSION%), ssh-krb5 (<= %CURRENTVERSION%)

And for the server

Package: openssh-server
Conflicts: ssh (<< 1:3.8.1p1-9), ssh-nonfree (<<2), ssh-socks, ssh2, sftp, rsh-client (<<0.16.1-1), ssh-krb5 (<< 1:4.3p2-7)
Replaces: ssh (<= %CURRENTVERSION%), openssh-client (<= %CURRENTVERSION%), ssh-krb5 (<= %CURRENTVERSION%)

You could also remove the version completely in replaces field.
Especially as the %CURRENTVERSION% needs to be changed to the same value that
it has in the changelog for every upload.

However this is only my suspicion. Someone that know the apt-dependency
handling in more detail may have a better idea about what the problem is.


// Ola

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