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Bug#403119: #403119 openssh-(client|server) 4.3p2-7 fail to install


Well after some googling I solved my problem executing:

$ dpkg -i ssh_3.8.1p1-8.sarge.6_sparc.deb && dpkg -i
openssh-client_4.3p2-7_sparc.deb openssh-server_4.3p2-7_sparc.deb

After that:

$ aptitude dist-upgrade
The following packages are unused and will be REMOVED:
  libssl0.9.7 openssh-client openssh-server

Well I was left without ssh. Then I did:

$ aptitude install ssh

That did the trick, I'm having the latest ssh version now.

So my problem is solved, the bug can be closed now.


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> Subject: #403119 openssh-(client|server) 4.3p2-7 fail to install
> Shouldn't the "ssh" package be also upgraded?
> The "ssh" package became a transitionnal package since then...
> What happens if you "apt-get install ssh"?
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