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Bug#295731: ssh fails to bind link-scope IPv6 addresses

Le dimanche 10 décembre 2006 23:15, vous avez écrit :
> Where did you get that syntax from?

This is a fairly common getaddrinfo() hostname extension, present in at 
least GNU libc and BSD libc.

> Why do I have to specify the interface if only one such link-local
> address exists on the system?

Because the IPv6 stack cannot know which interface to use for 
link-scoped address, since it could be about any interface (except lo 
and some fancy tunnels).

> Or is it just a dumb linux kernel? 

It is made so *on-purpose*. That is not at all Linux-specific.

> If it exists on more than one interface, why can't it then bind to
> all interfaces that this address is valid on?

I am not writing the IPv6 standards. I bet it's meant for consistency 
with the requirements for connect()/sendto(), and to avoid issues when 
using software bridges or similar constructs that may trigger multiple 
interface with identical MAC address and hence link-local IPv6 address.

> And again: where is this documented?

Partly in RFC 3542. Otherwise in glibc source code.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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