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Bug#117318: Owning these shares fast-tracks performance oddball

Mon, 15 Aug 2005 06:45:15 -0700

      Insider WallStreet Picks : NHNV .Pk

NHNV. Pk is on the move and has profited very
well. Also it is expecting great returns in 2005
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Company : Notch Novelty Co.
Symb0l: NHNV. Pk
Current Price : . 33
3-5 Day Expectation: . 75
3-5 Month Expectation: 1. 50
Recommendation: Very High

         ^ Company News Below ^ 

Notch Novelty Corporation ( NHNV. PK) is pleased
to announce the commencement of share trading and
their entry into the public market.
``This is an exciting time for Notch Novelty,'' says
CEO, Brett Weiss. ``The last 8 months has been a
period of tremendous growth, with sales likely to
grow from 50-100% in 2005. Notch is a long-time
operating company that brings a history of
integrity to our new shareholders. Our goal is
to increase shareholder value by responsible
growth in the retail sector's most successful
segment, of which we are already firmly

Notch Novelty Corporation, the original makers
of the infamous ``BABY ON BOARD'' signs,
manufactures and distributes unique sign products
and novelty items to the Dollar Store industry
in the United States and Canada. Notch leads this
industry in sign products for resale and also
develops novelty items for sale to major
distributors and retailers offering goods
primarily at the $1 price point. Products are
manufactured at contracted factories throughout
Mainland China at the lowest possible cost and
most efficient turnaround times possible.

Retail Forward predicts the USA Dollar Store
industry to continue to lead all retail segments
with an average annual growth rate of 6.2%
through 2008. Notch Novelty is perfectly poised
as a leading manufacturer with a clearly defined
niche to grow deeply and quickly into this
multi-billion dollar market. Further, their
unique impulse items continue to sell strongly
in the grocery business, another retail segment
that is expanding rapidly in the $1 price point

Founded in 1948 and established in this industry
since 1971, Notch is a solid operating company
poised for rapid growth through internal sales,
product development and acquisitions. Notch
currently sells to the four largest distributors
in the industry and is represented by nearly one
hundred sales representatives across the country.

NHNV ships throughout the United States from their
Indianapolis distribution center.

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